Get in touch. We are the interians and we enjoy making the world a little more beautiful every day. Our team is made up of different individuals with different strengths and talents, all united by a strong love of design and a keen eye for aesthetics. We speak your language – in French, German, Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Albanian, by the way – and are happy to help you realize each individual project as perfectly as possible. Drop by and say hello.


We haven’t just been around since yesterday, but for quite a while now. The tradition of upmarket interior design at Zentralstrasse 8 in Biel began in 1923 with the Kramer family. The Kramer Möbel International company was run by three generations of the family until 2017, when we took over the helm. We are delighted with our now eventful history in the center of Biel and look forward to welcoming new and existing, valued customers to our showroom every day.