If you need a professional for the interior design of your home, you can call on the services of our experts, who have extensive experience in serving the most demanding clientele. Our specialists know the entire portfolio of our brands down to the smallest detail and will provide you with professional support throughout the entire implementation of your project.

Architects + interior designers

If you have your own architect and are looking for a reliable, careful partner as a supplier of furniture or components, interiarte is the right choice. We have long-standing partnerships with renowned architectural firms, which we support in the realization of their visions.


Interior Design.

Our interior designers listen and think creatively.

We specialize in high-quality residential projects for customers who want a home that matches their lifestyle. Our interiors are aesthetic, functional and timeless. As such, they increase the value of any property. We work with renowned architects and offer solutions for both private individuals and developers in the premium segment.

see what you get

On request, we can visualize living areas or entire concepts in three dimensions and you can walk through your new interior before you make a final decision to buy.


Furniture made to measure

Every room has its own character and places individual demands on functional furniture. With intericustomized Furniture, we realize custom-made furniture for individual requirements and create your unmistakable appearance.

In collaboration with architects and building owners, we create custom-made furniture and acoustic solutions for private and commercial spaces based on plans.


The digital courses are primarily aimed at interior designers, architects, students and people who would like to learn this profession. Get to know and use the professional 3D planning tools of the interior design industry. Our workshops take place 3 times a year and last between 2 weeks (intensive) and 3 months (extensive). The courses are aimed at aspiring and experienced interior architects as well as people who would like to learn this profession. The courses are run by professional and experienced users of the standard interior design software solutions. Plan your interior with PCon Planner, create customized offers with PCon Basket, discover the variety of products with PCon Products. Visualize and calculate every project professionally in clear steps.


High-quality designer furniture may be made from good materials, but time does not leave them untouched.
We can breathe new life into your favorite piece with a new cover or upholstery, thereby making a contribution to sustainability. In most cases, this is at least as financially attractive as a new purchase. And we can even optimize the product properties, from a firmer seat to an easy-care and lightfast fabric, many things are possible – just ask us!


Customized financing services. Whether installment payments or financing loans, we offer you your tailor-made financing concept, contact us now.