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  • river stone 903

    The 3D design of the external part of river stone gives the product a particular touch. This pouf that looks like a stone, gives a pleasant sensation of softness and comfort, it is very easy to move and is waterproof thanks to its compact external polyurethane surface.
    There are no limits in the river stone application areas. In the private living it can be used as seat for the children room; as pouf for the bedroom or in the wardrobe or in bathroom as well as small and neutral stool beside the sofa. In the contract business, river stone offers a wide choice of possible applications: as small stool in the dressing room of a fashion store; as seating area in a modern shoe shop, as seating ensemble for children’s birthday party rooms, for bars, cafeterias, wellness centers and also in the shopping malls, where people look for a short rest.
    The material called Soft touch plus is a bi-component molded polyurethane. The product obtained in the mould are formed by a core in soft, flexible polyurethane and an external polyurethane skin, colored, compact and elastic. The material is extremely resistant, waterproof and fire retardant. No inner metal structure is requested. This NON TOXIC and 100% HYGIENIC material can be used also outdoor.

    By  Mac Stopa



  • riverstone table 903

    River Stone table fits well for all the living spaces It is perfect for all the ambiances as a small table but also as a seating. River stone table amazes with its organic shape, its 3D design and with its softness. This small table made of soft touch plus material, is durable, easy to move and waterproof, 100% hygienic, non toxic, easy to clean and available in a wide variety of colors.

    By  Mac Stopa



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